Welcome to the official website of the North & Midlands School of Music

The NMSM is a guild which offers musicians from a variety of disciplines the opportunity to gain a qualification.

Operating as a ‘guild’, it is not a 'school' in the normal sense as there is no physical building and no teaching is undertaken.

Our examinations are open to all subscribing members of the School paying the annual £20.00 subscription. Membership is open to all ages.

Candidates can suggest the date and venue for their assessment. If carried out by video link, this will need to establish the presence of an audience.

Please note, we do not accept recordings in order to gain any of our assessments.

If a candidate would like to take an assessment in person, details of the venue must be agreed with the examiner and the examiner’s travel expenses will be added to the exam fee. Candidates can also choose the works to be performed, subject to approval, for the preferred level.

Candidates can also offer a dissertation on a musical topic approved by the School. Examinations also are available in composition, and liturgical accompaniment and singing..

Our diplomas are complimented by a range of academic hoods. Once you have joined the School, you will be entitled to wear our NMSM membership hood (non-award bearing) and an academic gown.

Founded in 1992, we are an independent, self-funding organisation. Special non-repayable bursaries for candidates up to 21 years of age are available and can be applied for, funded by the Thomas Memorial Fund.

We are sure we can help you develop your potential and celebrate your success.

Do get in touch with us and let us help you gain recognition for your musical talent.

Recognising Talent, Rewarding Achievement