Performance Diplomas in Liturgical Accompaniment

The NMSM provides a Liturgical Organ Accompaniment assessment, achieving a DipOrgNMSM diploma.

This is a fundamental assessment at Grades 5-6. Candidates are expected to play four hymns from a set list covering all seasons of the church's year plus two voluntaries.

An introduction, first verse and last verse are required for each hymn and the last verse may be a variation. Candidates also select from the same set list and play three suitable pieces. The hymns and pieces do not need to reflect the same choice. There is a viva following the assessment.

Candidates will need to apply for a guidance pack, which includes all the necessary information, advice and an application form.

Candidates are also required to register as a subscribing member of the School prior to, or at the same time as submitting an application for assessment.

This diploma is not assessed at a service. It is the candidate's choice if he/she wishes to invite a group of singers for the hymn accompaniment.

The diploma is usually conducted at an NMSM centre (in the UK). However, candidates may elect to be assessed at a church of their own choice. In this case, it is the candidate's responsibility to secure the necessary permissions for us to attend and carry out the assessment.

An additional charge will need to be negotiated between the candidate and the School in respect of any travelling required by one of our assessors to the candidate's church.

There are no written requirements or ear tests for this assessment.