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Academic Registrar: Dr Kevin Morgan
Bursar: Derek Matthews
Patrons: Dame Dr Evelyn Glennie, Dr Carol Williams
Prof Dr Ian Tracey, Elizabeth Stratford, Malcolm Archer,
Rev Canon Beaumont Brandie MBE, Scott Farrell
Donald MacKenzie, Peter Wright, Andrew Whelan

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Welcome to the North and Midlands School of Music

Conductor The North and Midlands School of Music offers musicians from all disciplines the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification.

Our unique practical performance assessments place candidates at the heart of the process and are tailored to individual musical interests. Candidates can propose the date, time and venue for their assessment, plus the works to be performed, subject to approval, for the preferred level.

We offer three levels of diploma - Associate, Licentiate, and Fellowship. We also offer four post-fellowship advanced diplomas and for younger candidates, a range of certificate assessments at around the grade 2/3 and 5/6 level. A range of examinations in dissertation, composition, conducting, and accompaniment are also available.

Our diplomas are complimented by a range of academic hoods. Once you have joined the School, you will be entitled to purchase one of two School hoods (non-award bearing) and an academic gown.

Founded in 1992, we are an independent, self-funding organisation. Special non-repayable bursaries for under-21s are available and can be applied for.

How can we help you develop your potential and celebrate your success? Get in contact with us today and let us help you succeed.

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