President: Elizabeth Stratford
SEOs: Dr Colin Parsons MBE, Bill Thomas
General Secretary: Paul Melville
Academic Registrar: Dr Kevin Morgan
Bursar: Derek Matthews
Patrons:Dame Dr Evelyn Glennie CH DBE, Revd Canon Beaumont Brandie MBE, Prof Dr Ian Tracey, Dr Carol Williams, Dr Kemp English, Scott Farrell, Donald MacKenzie, Elizabeth Stratford, Andrew Whelan, Peter Wright

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The Thomas Memorial Fund

The fund was established through the kind generosity of William (Bill) M. Thomas (Vice Principal) in grateful thanks to, and memory of, his parents.

The fund is primarily intended to provide grants, in whole or in part, towards the cost of a young person's assessment fees (for NMSM diplomas only). The main focus is for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. However, this does not preclude other young people from applying.

Grants from the fund are normally restricted to candidates under the age of 21 and to INMSM or ANMSM assessments.

The fund is managed by two Administrators. The fund account credits payments for the diplomas directly into the main NMSM Account and is not subject to any NMSM control or demands. Details of the balance of the account are not made known to members or to the management team. For convenience the account is held at the same bank and branch address as the school's account.

All credits from the Thomas Memorial Fund are shown on the school's accounts.

No Cash payments are made to any candidate, teacher, parents or representatives.

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